Personal Watercraft Coverage

Here's a brief summary of some highlights of the Foremost personal watercraft policy available through FX Insurance Agency.

Feature Foremost
Ease of Doing Business It takes just minutes to quote and book a Foremost Personal Watercraft policy right over the phone using FX Insurance Agency. Just call toll-free 1-800-527-3905.
Specialized Claims Service Foremost's claims staff has the training and experience needed to settle claims quickly and fairly. And they strive for excellence in customer satisfaction.
24-Hour Claims Reporting Your customers can call Foremost directly to report a loss. Their toll-free claims line is available by simply calling 1-800-527-3907. Claims can also be reported online at
Broad Underwriting Foremost's policies cover a wide range of personal watercraft from stand-up one-person units to sit-on units for one, two, three or more!
A Wide Range of Discounts (may not be available in all states)
  • Multi-Unit
  • Prior Insurance
  • Renewal
  • Affinity Group
Optional Accessory Coverage Includes any additional permanent accessories added to your Personal Watercraft that were not originally provided by the manufacturer.
Optional Trailer Coverage Covers the trailer specifically designed to transport the covered Personal Watercraft.
Optional Towing and Assistance In the event that your Personal Watercraft breaks down and can't be ridden while on the water or close to a safe harbor or your trailer, the Foremost policy will cover up to $500 for towing and assistance.
Convenient Payment Plans Payment options offer flexibility and convenience.

Note: You do not have binding authority. The information in this section about coverages is not a policy document. Please contact FX Insurance Agency at 1-800-527-3905 for detailed information on coverages, limits, deductibles and restrictions.

States Available

Personal watercraft insurance programs are available in the United States, in all states except Florida.

Coverage is also available in the District of Columbia.

Please note that coverages and coverage amounts vary by state. All coverages may not be available in all areas.

Promotional Materials

Here's a brief summary of some of the personal watercraft materials you can order from FX Insurance Agency. To order supplies, just give us a call at 1-877-270-3452 and have your FX Insurance Agency number ready.

Title and Description Form #

Personal Watercraft Product Card

Provides features and benefits of the Foremost Personal Watercraft program for use with customers.

Outdoors Brochure

Provides an overview of the Foremost Outdoors product line, including personal watercraft.

Quote or Book Business

To quote or book a policy, simply call 1-800-527-3905 and select the FX Insurance Agency prompt. We're available to help Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time.

File a Claim

Policyholders can file a claim anytime by visiting or calling 1-800-527-3907.