Manufactured Home Coverage

Here's a brief summary of some highlights of the Foremost Manufactured Home policy available through FX Insurance Agency.

Feature Foremost
Extensive manufactured home and property coverage The policy provides comprehensive coverage for the home, personal property and other structures.*

*Covers direct, sudden and accidental losses as detailed in the actual policy documents.
No age or value limits Some companies won't accept older or lower-value homes - or they cancel a policy once the home reaches a certain age. Foremost will insure manufactured homes of most any age, size, value and make. It's stable protection your customers can count on.
Replacement Cost Coverage option This valuable coverage option can replace your customer's damaged manufactured home and personal property "new for old." [Note: Replaced with new property of like kind and quality up to the amount of insurance or some multiple thereof; some restrictions apply in NC and VA.]
Coverage for emergency repairs When the customer makes emergency repairs to protect the insured property from further loss, Foremost will pay for all actual, reasonable and necessary costs.
Additional Living Expenses If your customer's manufactured home is damaged or destroyed by an insured peril, Foremost will pay additional living expenses. See the policy for details.
Debris Removal Coverage Removing debris from the premises after a covered loss can be expensive.
Coverage for personal golf carts A standard coverage with some policies, optional with others, many customers will enjoy this valuable extra. See the policy for details.
Personal Liability Coverage This coverage protects your customers against financial loss from accidental injury to others or damage to their property. Your customers will appreciate the added security of this feature.
Medical payments to others Coverage for reimbursement of reasonable medical expenses for injuries sustained by a third party either on or off the insured's premises arising out of a condition in or on the premises, or caused by an animal owned by the insured, or caused by the insured's activities.
Damage to property of others If your customer causes damage to another person's property while it is in the customer's possession, the coverage is for the replacement cost up to the policy limit.

Note: You do not have binding authority. The information in this section about coverages is not a policy document. Please contact FX Insurance Agency at 1-800-527-3905 for detailed information on coverages, limits, deductibles and restrictions.

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Manufactured Home Insurance Product Sheets

These product sheets explain Foremost's coverages and product highlights.
962071 (Foremost Manufactured Home)
9001899 (Texas)

Property Brochure

A brief overview of all the Foremost Property products
9000567 (Spanish)

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